Cambrian Mounted Infantry School


Between the Cambrian mountains and the many forests, Cambria has found little function in Cavalry. But traveling through the rough terrain proved daunting for marching infantry. The natural solution was to fund a heavy mounted infantry that allowed for swifter travel through the terrain of Cambria without the vulnerabilities of fielding cavalry in said rough terrain.

Several years ago, the Roman Lord of Gloucester put more resources into producing and refining the Cambrian Mounted Infantry School, which during the anarchy period has spread in popularity through the rest of Cambria. The School in it’s current format produces medium and heavy armored soldiers who rode horses while the army maneuvered, but then dismounted and fought on foot.

Cambrian Mounted Infantry School [KNIGHT]
  • Benefit: +1 Agility
  • Skills: Battle, Defense, Shortsword, Polearms, Spears, Bludgeonings, any one Weapon Skill
  • Honor: 5.5
  • Outfit: Normal clothing, shortsword and small shield, any one spear or polearm, light armor, steed (riding horse),
    traveling pack, 5 Gold

Rank 1: Choose Your Weapon
The Cambrian Mounted infantry are trained to fight with sword, spear, and polearm, but each student of the School is expected to choose one such weapon on which to focus his training. You may choose either the Shortsword Skill, the Polearms Skill, or the Spears Skill – you gain a free Emphasis of your choice in that skill.

You are trained to use that weapon for both attack and defense. You add a +1k0 bonus when attacking with that Skill. If your chosen Skill is Spears or Polearms, when you are in the Defense or Full Defense stance while wielding a weapon using that Skill, you may add your Skill Ranks to your Armor TN. If your chosen Skill is Longsword, you add half your Skill Rank (rounded down) instead.

Rank 2: Speed of My Brothers
The Cambrian Mounted Infantryman is taught to move swiftly in order to support a limited cavalry on rapidly-evolving battlefields. On foot you move as though your Order of Battle is 1 Rank higher and add a +1k0 bonus to your Initiative rolls.

Rank 3: All Fronts Attack
The Cambrian Mounted Infantryman’s mastery of his chosen weapon has now reached the point of allowing him to strike in all directions with blinding speed. When using your chosen weapon Skill, you may attack as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action.

Rank 4: Charging Thunder
Like any well trained Knights, the men of the Cambrian Mounted Infantry are taught to call upon their Honor to strengthen their purpose and their blows. Once per Skirmish while wielding your chosen weapon, you may spend a Passion Point to add your Honor Rank in unkept dice to your attack roll. In addition, your movement bonus (from your Rank 2 Technique) now lets you move as though your Order of War Rank is 2 higher (instead of 1).

Rank 5: Epic of My Name
The fully trained Cambrian Mounted Infantryman is an unpredictable whirlwind on the battlefield, striking and dodging with equal skill. The Armor TN bonus from your Rank One technique now also applies while you are in the Attack Stance. Once per skirmish while in the Full Attack Stance you may add a +4k2 bonus to your damage roll with your chosen weapon; if your chosen weapon is Spears or Polearms, you may do this in the Attack Stance as well.

Cambrian Mounted Infantry School

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