Pendragon Meets Legend of the Five Rings

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What is this Game?

Greg Stafford’s Pendragon RPG is one of the most interesting concepts for an RPG I have ever seen. The concept of playing romanticized fair-tale knights of Arthurian legend venturing in the same realm as the Knights of the Round table has always intrigued me. I picked up my first Pendragon book back in 3rd edition, over ten years ago. It was clear to me then that the game design was amazing for its time, but I could not get past my frustrations with the Choasium system. Every attempt at running Pendragon failed, and failed miserably.

I was introduced to John Wick’s Legend of the Five Rings RPG in 1995, and have been playing it ever since. My live gaming group praises our 3+ yearlong campaign set in the years of the Clan Wars as one of the best campaigns they have ever played. Legend of the Five Rings uses the Roll & Keep mechanics, one of my favorite system/setting combos ever made.

Very recently, I realized just how close the concept of Pendragon and L5R were as settings. In L5R, players take the role of romanticized Samurai (Asian nobles) set in a fantasy Asia full of turmoil, intrigue and tales of heroics. In Pendragon, players take the role of romanticized Knights (European nobles) set in a fantasy England full of the same story elements one might find in Legend of the Five Rings.

This is my attempt to bring the setting work of Pendragon into a system I feel is better suited to handle the type of game I would like to run. I have great respect to the creators of both games, and all the reasonably priced books filled with entertainment they have provided us over the years.

When is this game played?

Wednesday Nights at 7:30 PST

Where is this game played?

Online on an application called Open RPG

Are there any player slots available?

At the time of last update, yes. I have 2 player slots available.

King Arthur's Legend of the Round Table

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